Brian Beers

About Me

I’ve been in franchising my entire life.

My brother and I took over my family’s 6-location auto repair franchise and scaled it to 30+ locations doing over $40M per year in sales.

We’ve grown by following a few simple principles:

1) Replace Yourself – most franchisees are stuck buying themselves a job because they can’t to remove themselves from the day-to-day. I learned early that in order to grow I couldn’t be stuck in the weeds.

2) Hire Great People – every franchise is in the people business, not the auto repair, painting, home care, etc. business. The difference between the worst performing franchisees & the best is the quality of people running the business.

3) Re-Invest Profits – compounding is extremely powerful. For years we’ve re-invested profits back into the business, buying & opening more locations.

4) Build Relationships – as a franchisee you instantly join a new private community of other owners. Franchisees love to learn & share best practices. When someone is ready to sell, guess who they call first?

Owning franchises has given me a tremendous amount of freedom in my life.

I’ve also had some major failures.

We bought into two other franchises that completely bombed. We lost a ton of money, time & energy. Since then I’ve learned not all franchises are equal. Some are great and others are terrible.

I host a popular podcast called “Business with Beers”. Every week I bring on franchisors & franchisees at different levels of experience. We dive deep into their business model & what it takes to be successful.

Franchising is the best business model in the world.

It allows ordinary people, like me & you, to build amazing cash flowing businesses.

Once you learn the business you can expand in 4 different directions:

1) Continue to grow “same store” sales
2) Acquire other franchises locations
3) Develop new locations from scratch
4) Expand into new brand

There are franchisees out there doing $100M+, $200M+, $500M+ per year in sales. The largest does over $4 BILLION in revenue.

I’m building a fortune through franchising and helping other people do the same.

If you’d like to join me, get started today by booking a discovery call with my team. We will help you find a franchise that matches your goals, budget, skills & location.

Learn how to build a
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