Brian Beers

Business Tools

Below are the tools I’ve used for years to grow my business, increase my net worth, and boost cash flow.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, these resources can help take you to the next level

1) Empire Building Toolkit

2) Financial Modeling

3) Business Metrics Checklist

4) Franchise Due Diligence Checklist

Empire Building Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you grow your wealth, manage your debt, and build a strong team. 

Personal Net Worth Tracker – track your net worth as it grows every month. 

Debt Tracker – debt can help accelerate your growth or become your downfall. Keep track of all debt, rates, due dates, etc. 

A-Player Analyzer – you need a strong team of A-Players to build an empire. This tool gives you clarity to who you can build upon vs. cut loose.

3 Year Vision – what does success look like in 3 years? Most people way underestimate what’s possible 

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The Ultimate Franchise Metrics Checklist

This checklist covers the metrics that I track in my franchise business every week, month, quarter & year.

From sales, to payroll, cost of goods, lead gen, & operations, this checklist covers it all

Tracking your metrics provides a way to measure success or lack thereof. Team members take ownership when everyone knows what’s expected and how they are performing.

I run a data-driven business – not one based on feelings, emotion, vanity, or anything else.

People can try to spin a story but the numbers don’t lie.

We’re either hitting our numbers or we’re not. It’s as simple as that.

Financial Modeling

Want to learn how to build a basic financial model for a franchise?

Luckily it’s not rocket science. Anyone can learn how to do it with the right guidance.

My goal is to make this process simple and accessible for everyone.

This tool also include my Seller Financing Calculator. This calculator helps you structure terms based on the down payment, monthly payment & number of months

Ready to get started?

Is This Actually Free?

This program is 100% free with no obligations, upsells, or bait-and-switch tactics.

I could easily charge thousands for this coaching and people would happily pay because it’s packed with valuable insights, knowledge & tactics that I’ve learned over the past decade.

But instead I’ve decided to make this program totally free.


I have three reasons:

Reason #1 - Franchise Authority

I want to become known as America’s #1 authority on franchising. I’m writing a book that comes out later this year.

I am going to need your help in creating a massively successful book launch. 

What better way to create an army of raving fans than to provide a ton of free value?

Reason #2 - Life Changing

I’ve built more cash flow, wealth & freedom than I could have ever imagined by owning a franchise business.

Success in franchising is a muscle.

A few years ago we were doing $5M per year. Then we grew to $10M, $20M, $30M, and over $40M in 2023. We expect to do over $50M in 2024 as we expand into new brands.

Franchising has changed my life and I want to help change yours!

Reason #3 - Exclusive Community

I run an exclusive (paid) community for driven-franchisees who want to build an 8-figure business & life.

It’s called The 8-Figure Franchisee

Like-minded franchisees connect to build relationships, share wins, challenges, P&Ls, goals, and hold each other accountable.

If we help you become a franchisee there’s a good chance you’re going to join my community to accelerate your growth!