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Franchise Due Diligence

Safeguard Your Franchise Investment

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Franchise Disclosure Document Mastery: Uncover what to look for in an FDD to make informed decisions.

  • Corporate Culture Evaluation: Learn how to assess a franchise’s culture and its impact on your success.

  • In-depth Financial Analysis: Dive into financial evaluations that could make or break your franchise choice.

  • Operational Understanding: Gain insights into the day-to-day life of a franchisee and operational expectations.

  • Actionable Steps: Each module concludes with practical steps to guide you through the due diligence process.

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About Brian

I’m Brian Beers, a 36-year-old entrepreneur who scaled our franchise from 6 locations doing $5M/year in revenue to 33 locations doing $42M/year in revenue

I’m on the franchisee advisory board of one of the largest franchises in the country.

I’ve also failed at two other franchises which cost me a lot of money, time & headaches.

Owning franchises has given me incredible freedom but it also comes with risks. I will teach you everything I wish I knew years ago.

Every day I’m talking to franchisees & franchisors. Learning what works & what doesn’t.

Franchising can change your life – if you pick the brand. This due diligence course should help you in that process.

Get franchising insider information you can’t find elsewhere!

Every week I share actionable strategies to help you find, buy & scale franchises