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How We Work

Our pRocess

We are turning the Franchise buying experience on its head by putting you, the buyer, in the driver’s seat. We are arm you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to make the right decision in selecting a franchise.

Buying a franchise is a life-changing decision. With over 3,000 franchises how do you pick the right one? How do you vet the franchisor?

Instead of going through the entire process alone you could together with our team at Upside Down Franchising. We work with you 1 on 1 to bring you franchises based on your individual goals, budget, skills, and target market.

We have a network of legacy and hot emerging brands. We can get you in on the ground floor before your market is sold out.

Our pRocess Steps

Discovery Call

Book a discovery call with one of our expert franchise franchise consultants. This will help us understand your goals, budget, skills & target market.

Matching & Presentation

Our team will search for franchises that match your individual profile and are available in your market. We will present 4 to 6 options that you will narrow down to top 2 or 3 based on what sparks your initial interest.

Franchisor Introductions

We make personalized introductions to the 2 or 3 franchisors you select. We provide you with a list of questions to help interview the franchisor.


Each franchisor will guide you through their process of unit economics, territory mapping, FDD review, leadership calls, and validation. We work with you every step of the way providing you with a due diligence checklist to help you navigate.

Education & Support

We provide you with referrals of experienced franchise attorneys, CPAs, lenders & more. For those looking for additional education & support we've built out a franchising 101 course, host live group calls, & private chat group.


Discover the buzz and insights from industry experts and thought leaders. Our platform keeps you informed about the latest trends, innovations and conversations that matter most. Get ahead in your field by knowing what they’re talking about.

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