Brian Beers

Hi – I’m Brian Beers

I help ordinary people build a fortune through franchising

Why Franchising?




Most people think of franchising is either a) unattainable and only applies to multi-millionaires who can afford a McDonalds, Planet Fitness, etc. or b) think of “Chuck in a truck” buying yourself a low-paying job but still working for “the man”

Both of these scenarios are true.

However, there’s an entire that exists in between. Franchising allows ordinary people, like me & you, to build an amazing cash-flowing business. You don’t need an MBA, to invent anything, or to even have a wide moat.

You can be successful if you are great at leading teams & willing to do whatever it takes.

I’ve been in franchising for over 12 years. As a franchisee, we’ve scaled our business to over 30 locations doing $40M+ in revenue.

I’ve also failed at two other franchises. I know what works & what doesn’t. There are over 3,000 franchises in the US.

Some of them are great but many of them are terrible. This website is filled with tools & resources to give you the confidence in finding the best franchises.

There’s no universal perfect franchise. There’s only the perfect franchise for you. One that matches your goals, skills, budget & location.

My team works with qualified candidates one-on-one to help them find that perfect franchise. Book a free discovery call here

How can I help you?


Learn how ordinary people build extraordinary wealth through franchising


Find the right franchise based on your goals, skills, budget & location


Join a community of franchise entrepreneurs, each at different stages in their journey

About Me

I’ve been in franchising my entire life.

Today my company operates over 30 franchises doing over $40M+ in revenue. We are the 4th largest US franchisee in a global brand.

I’ve been franchisee of the year, board member of franchise advisory committees & won numerous awards.

Two different times I failed as a franchisee. I bought into the wrong system which cost me a ton of money.

Follow along to learn everything I wish I knew years ago. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Read my complete story here

Featured Franchises

We highlight brands with experienced leadership teams, provide great training & support, have a ton of growth potential, and have profitable franchisees.

What they’re saying

I can’t thank you enough for all your help. You probably don’t realize how much of an indirect impact you made.

I basically learned everything about franchising from your content. Fell in love with roofing after your webinar. I will probably never be able to thank you enough.
I want to reach out to you to thank you for all you have done. Countless hours of podcasts, phone calls you had with me, and more than generic advice given.

Feels strange to admit out loud, but you silently mentored me through ending the golden handcuffs of my W2.
Transitioning from a corporate career to franchise ownership was a significant shift for me.

Your expertise in selecting the right franchise and applying my corporate skills in this new venture was invaluable. Your guidance made this journey smoother and more fulfilling.

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